That Time I Went to a Feminist Pop-Up Museum

Feminist pop-up installation, what? Say hello to That Lady Thing. Think Color Factory, but woke. And instead of a sprinkles pool, there's a tit pit. 


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Swimming in the "Sea of Objectification"

Swimming in the "Sea of Objectification"

That Lady Thing is a pop-up installation, born in San Francisco, raised on social media. We like strong voices and stronger cocktails, smart conversation and smart style. We are feminists with a fun streak and creatives with a conscience. That Lady Thing is a space open to women of all definitions and allies who wish to join in support.

"The Wallflowers" by Lucy Litman and Shawna Chan is a series of walls with fierce messages, effectively turning selfies into self-awareness.
From L-R: A Lot of 🍆 Out There, Imposter Syndrome, #Eff Your Beauty Standards


Make it rain,

the Ellevest-way installation.

AKA the only time I'll probably be able to do this.


The installation only ran for a week, but it definitely got people from San Francisco talking. We've had our fair share of pop-up museums this past year (Museum of Ice Cream, Color Factory with Candytopia opening in September) so this was a welcome change, one that captures a millennial obsession with a social twist.