Trust Your Obsessions

More coming soon, stay tuned!

More coming soon, stay tuned!

I’m not reading or writing as much as I want to recently, but days fill up in ways that humble me. Ever since that evening when I came to see Teju Cole discuss his new work, every step feels like a move towards what he imparted: trust your obsessions.

Within the past couple of years, I’ve been focused on cultivating my obsessions: literature and fashion. My book review blog Libromance is a testament to that, as well as other platforms like this blog and my IG account.

I’ve also been obsessed with change—change within myself, change for the better, make changes for other people, change for good. From doing organizing work to working within, I'm looking at impact, authenticity and intentionality.

And I’m working more these days behind the scenes, with different brands, companies and clients in elevating their stories. In addition to shaping my own, it’s been a joy and a challenge to see create stories for others from different perspectives, across different industries whether that’s a book or a piece of fabric, a story about a dish that needs to be told, or the way a shelf leans against the wall.

I guess you can say my mantra these days is do something for fun, then get really good at it.

Taking baby steps and adopting a willful attitude about these obsessions have shown me that there are ways and that it’s possible if you trust them enough.

I’m curious—do you have any obsessions that you want to cultivate and nourish?

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